The Majority Of Workers Are Afraid Of Contracting A Virus At Work Hiring A Cleaning Services Company

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A clean business is a successful business. This basic wisdom has been followed for many years, but as technology improves so do people’s standards. Customers don’t want to enter a building and feel as if it’s poorly maintained, no more than workers want to return to a cubicle or office environment that’s dusty, moldy or dingy. A cleaning services company can scrub your center, establishment or institution from top to bottom, removing harmful pollutants from the air and keeping every surface sparkling clean. From reducing workers’ sick days to encouraging a higher revenue on behalf of your business, the long-term benefits of a clean and hospitable environment will be explored below.

Outdoor Air Pollution

We’re familiar with the ramifications of outdoor air pollution. Some cities are even known to encourage higher rates of asthma due to the prevalence of smog and harmful chemicals in the air. Dust, pollen, pet dander, car exhaust and proximity to factories can all contribute to different forms of disease and even cancer if left unchecked. Studies have shown nearly 3% of the global burden of disease is caused, however, by indoor air pollution.

Indoor Air Pollution

Why is indoor air pollution often worse than outdoor air pollution? This is due to a few different reasons. The outdoors, at the very least, are home to trees that naturally circulate the air and clean it out on a steady basis. Indoor air pollution not only has to contend with mediocre filters and fans, many cleaning products are actively harmful. Indoor environments have been found to be two to five times more toxic than the outside.

Public Perception

Your business needs to make a strong first impression. A recent study saw the majority of health club members, at 85%, perceiving their club to be clean and approachable. Another 70%, however, said they would refuse to exercise in gyms that had unpleasant odors. According to another study provided by Harris Interactive, 88% of adults feel uncomfortable in a gym or athletic facility that is host to bad odors. This affects more than customers, however, and can impact your workers’ performance. You know when to look for a janitorial service when you start receiving lackluster reviews.

Workers’ Health

Workers need a clean, well-lit and accommodating environment in order to work efficiently. A significant portion of sick days, as well as concentration issues and discomfort, are caused by poorly maintained business environments. A dirty desk can have 400 times more bacteria than even the average toilet seat, with over 100% of workers saying they are actively concerned about contracting a virus at work. A cleaning services company is able to tackle this problem at the root and remove the vast majority of airborne and surface bacteria.

Your Business’ Cleanliness

When one-third of respondents believe their keyboard and phone are some of the dirtiest items in their office, it’s time to hire a cleaning services company. Indoor air pollution is at an all-time high and, in an effort to curb the onset of cancer and the spread of viruses, more and more cleaning services are opting for a green approach. This means circumventing many harmful household cleaning products in favor of ones that kill bacteria without the additional aftermath. Of the 17,000 or so petrochemicals used in the office, only 30% have been tested for human exposure.

Give your customers and workers the best possible experience. Seek out office cleaning services on a regular basis and reduce the impact of harmful indoor air pollution.

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