The Impact of Pharmaceutical Packaging for the Consumer How Companies Keep Consumers Safe With Serialisation

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Modern medicine has progressed so far in such a short amount of time — the developments of today are massive strides with the field constantly reacting to new technology and discoveries. The pharmaceutical industry is massive with three quarters of all medical visits involving some kind of drug therapy. In 2010, doctors order or provided 285.1 million prescription drugs, many of which were offered during hospital emergency room visits. Since half of all Americans have taken some form of prescription drug within the past month, it is comforting to know that pharmaceutical packaging companies are taking extra precautions including advanced serialisation techniques to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the consumer.

Pharmaceutical Bottle Filling

The best way for a large prescription, bottle packaging is ideal for a drug that needs to be taken daily or several times per day. With liners and sealers to help ensure that the package remained untampered with, bottle packages are some of the safest packaging options for pharmaceutical companies to choose. Advanced safety features may be installed in the bottle’s cap, including child safe caps, snap off caps, and twist off caps to allow easy access for adults but not children. Modern bottle packages are typically given a bar code printing for identification purposes — this allows pharmaceutical companies to keep track of different batches and shipments in the event a recall is necessitated. This also allows the consumer to have easier identification of the medicine if needed for emergency purposes.

Liquid Pouches

Liquid medication has always been a hassle for many, this is why packaging companies designed the pouch. Pouches or sachets are ideal for liquid products, as it provides easy opening and disposal for the consumer’s convenience. An added advantage of pouch packaging is the ability to offer pre-measured doses to the consumer; by removing this element of uncertainty, pharmaceutical companies are able to save lives through precautionary methods like this. Like bottle packages, pouch packaging includes several designs including child safe seals, strip seals, and easy to open rip and tear pouches. Including on many pouch packages is a serialisation number that allows for easy identification in the pharmaceutical database, again adding another level of protection for the consumer.

Blister Packaging

One of the most popular choices for pharmaceutical companies, there are a number of benefits offered by blister packaging that make it ideal for consumer use. The packaging combination of PVC and foil allow for a thicker, more durable packaging construction — this means that blister packs will be up for the wear and tear of daily life. Many blister packs are designed to fold in half like a clamshell in order to have a more compact design for easy storage and daily use. The durability of blister packaging is due to the formable web made from plastic; this web encases the pills perfectly, protecting them during transportation. Many companies also prefer blister packaging due to the speed of the process — medium speeds for many machines average at 200 to 600 blisters per minute. Another element that makes blister packaging attractive is the ability to have a uniquely customized package that can speak to the consumer. Pharmaceutical companies can include special offers, advertisements, or consumer messages directly into their product’s package, thus achieving an added functional element in the process. Finally, blister packages too enjoy the same protection offered to other packages through serialisation protocols: blister packaging companies often offer services like lot number and expiration date printing for quality control purposes. Whatever packaging option a pharmaceutical company decides to take, rest assured that the protection of the user is the highest concern for pharmaceutical companies thanks to modern serialisation.

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