The History Behind Architectural Stone

Architectural stone has been popular for years and years (and years) – and this is no exaggeration. In fact, architectural stone dates back as far as both early Egyptian and early Mesopotamian cultures, where it was greatly utilized for building projects and art pieces. The term “architectural stone” encompasses a wide array of natural stone types, from marble to granite. Architectural stone and natural stone have remained popular and high quality building materials throughout the years, and even now remain popular for interior design and interior renovations.

For instance, many people are choosing to install marble, a type of natural stone, flooring into their kitchen spaces. This marble stone for sale may seem to be expensive at first look, and you’d be right. The initial price of installing marble flooring is quite steep. However, marble flooring is probably the most durable and long lasting flooring material around, if properly cared for. Marble flooring will most likely outlast your home, as it can be sustained for as long as one hundred years, an entire century, before realistically needing to be replaced.

Natural stone such as marble and granite have also become popular materials utilized in other aspects of kitchen redesign and remodeling, such as switching out the old kitchen counter top for one made of a natural stone material. In fact, more than ninety percent of households in the process of renovating their kitchens have chosen or are at least strongly considering natural stone materials such as marble or granite. The durability of marble and granite speaks for itself, but so does the beauty of natural stone. Installing natural stone materials creates a classic look in any home, fostering a stylish but timeless overall appearance and impression.

However, it is important that homeowners consult a professional who is experienced with natural stone materials to install them. Natural stone is very durable, but it should be kept in the best condition as possible until it reaches its final destination. Any damage to the natural stone and even any safety concerns can be avoided with the utilization of a professional service. Fortunately, however, it is common for home owners to hire professionals in all stages of the home renovation and remodeling project, with at least eighty seven percent of home owners consulting with a professional before making any final decisions about a planned renovation.

Natural stone slabs are not just utilized in private homes and residences, however. No, architectural stone and ceramic slabs can also be the perfect fit for any upscale hotel lobby. Not only do they provide an elegant appearance, but they give the hotel a good name as well, as architectural stone tends to be very environmentally friendly. As the majority of potential hotel customers are looking to stay in a hotel that has a positive overall footprint, both environmentally and socially, hotels are even able to gain frequent customers just through the installation of architectural stone and the like.

Architectural stone has also become a popular material that is frequently used in hardscaping practices, such as in the creation of a patio or a deck. And hardscaping itself is becoming more and more popular, with more than twenty percent of the overall American population adding at least a deck or a patio onto their homes (or looking into buying a home that already comes with one built) or both. These people who are looking into home renovations for the exterior of their home as well as the interior might find themselves interested in the use of natural stone slabs for a porch or a deck. Just as these natural stone slabs add a certain aesthetic pleasantness to an interior space, they will certainly have a similar if not the same effect on an outdoor space. And, again, though the upfront cost may seem steep, natural stone materials are certainly durable enough to be well worth that first expense.

Natural stone and architectural stone have been used for centuries and continue to be used to this day. That’s because these types of stone are not only attractive and pleasing to our stylistic sensibilities, but extremely durable as well. In fact, some types of natural stone will last as long as forever.

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