The Downsides to Being an Electrician

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Electricians hand the wiring and electrical appliances inside various structures, from residential homes to industrial factories. It’s a popular trade because it is always in demand and tradesmen are well compensated. However, there are downsides that make the job tough. This video explains some of the hardest parts of being an electrician.

The first difficult part of the job is that you do need to get up early. As in, before the sun is up, early. You will probably need to wake up between 3am and 6am every day. Another aspect is the work environment. You may be working outside, especially on new structures, and you’re exposed to the elements for the entire day.

Other times you may be working in a dingy basement or another area of an operational building that has low foot traffic. You may encounter cockroaches, rats, cobwebs, and other unpleasant things while you are working in the bowels of a building.

Another potential downside is the work hours. If a project begins and the manager isn’t putting enough man hours at the start, they will need to be made up at the end of the project. That means long days and mounting pressure.

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