The American Workforce Is Changing How You Can Apply For Online Customer Service Jobs From Home

Being a mother is hard work. Your entire life is a balancing act in an attempt to both live comfortably and provide your children with everything they need.

When work isn’t giving you the flexibility you need to be a mom and make money, things can feel outright hopeless. This is a common story uniting thousands — even millions — of mothers in the United States today. Fortunately for you, now’s never been a better time to consider working from home. Also known as remote work or the ‘telecommute’, this will give you the opportunity to make a little extra money without all the hassle. You can try out online customer service jobs from home or look into selling life insurance over the phone.

The possibilities for remote work are endless in the digital age. Below are five important aspects of telecommuting you should know about before getting started.

Remote Work Cuts Into Driving Expenses And Provides More Free Time

Are you weary of driving back and forth between work, your child’s school, and various errands? With remote work you can finally say goodbye to the traditional commute and enjoy a few hours of work in the comfort of your home. Flexible work from home has proven a major boon to several demographics, from the full-time student to the full-time mother. A recent study found up to 65% of Americans plan to work after retirement age. Remote work, no matter where you come from, is a flexible and less fussy method of making money.

The American Workforce Is Starting To Lean Toward Remote Work

Speaking of retirement age…studies are starting to show a preference for remote work. According to a study released by Forbes, a staggering 50% of the American workforce will soon work partially or entirely remotely. Technology has made it easier than ever to not just find jobs, but work them from a computer chair or a coffee shop. You can still conduct meetings through online chatrooms and provide conference calls through video. What skills do you have that would translate well to remote work?

Customer Service Is Becoming A Bigger Concern For Companies Today

Should you have customer service experience, you’re already a step ahead in the game. Companies today are becoming more and more concerned about a positive customer service experience. Recent studies have concluded at least 85% of customers will actually pay more for a better customer experience. Customers who have had the best past experiences are also likely to spend up to 150% more compared to those who did not. Customer service jobs will benefit from your experience and warm personality.

You Can Utilize Past Work Experience And Apply It To Remote Jobs

It’s not just online customer service jobs from home you can look for. A surprising amount of work can easily be done online partially or completely. Medical jobs where you can work from home include answering patient questions, sending out bills, or providing online nursing. Insurance companies hiring to work from home can have you become a representative for their new packages. Freelance writers, in particular, have a wealth of advertising jobs to choose from.

Taxes Work Differently For Freelancers And Contractors

It’s important to keep in mind the differences in taxes compared to traditional employment. Are you only looking to be an independent contractor and make a little part-time money doing online customer service jobs from home? Do you plan on becoming an LLC? You will have to withhold a little money from each paycheck so you can pay off your taxes without fuss. Anyone who owes over $1,000 in freelance taxes will have to start paying quarterly…which is actually less difficult than it sounds!

You have enough work to do as a mother. Shave off some stress with convenient online customer service jobs from home.

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