The 5 Crucial Steps to Flood Damage Repair

If you have a home that has been flooded, it is important to take action right away to prevent further damage and health issues from occurring. These are steps to help you with flood damage repair.

1. Wear protective clothing

Wear gloves and boots if you can get them on quickly. If not, wear rubber or plastic gloves and boots.

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2. Focus on the flood line of the house

The flood line is usually the first place to look for signs of water damage. If you see wet carpeting or mold growth, water has already gotten into the walls.

3. Remove all furniture and appliances

Remove all furniture and appliances from the affected area. It would be best if you moved these away, so you don’t trip over them as you walk through the house.

4. Clean up the mess

Use a mop and a bucket of warm water mixed with bleach to clean the area. Wipe down windowsills, baseboards, doors, and trim.

5. Dry everything

Items that are not fully destroyed can be dried and used again. But other items like carpets and rugs should be thrown away.

If you notice any signs of intense water damage, contact a professional immediately.


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