temp agencies In texas helping to grow your business

temp agencies In texas helping to grow your business

Are you tired of your current job? Are you looking to go off to start your own business? It’s without a doubt a risky measure to take into account because over 57% of business organizations view employee retention as a critical problem. That’s a staggering statistic and one temp agencies in texas such as such as Burnett’s Staffing takes very seriously. It’s no joke when 22% of the new hires leave their a job within 45 days of employment, and that is what job agencies work to accommodate.

staffing your business with temp agencies in texas

If you wan’t to start a business, then it’s not hard to say that you need to staff your company. This where staffing agencies work best in providing staffing services for experienced business owners or simple beginners looking to build a business that will last much in the same way a family lasts. Burnett’s Staffing fifty year history has operated under this foundation of being a operationally family oriented business, and it is this family element alone that gives them an advantage over other recruiting agencies.

staffing your quality Team with temp agencies In texas

If you were to build a business, then quantity in a team is essential. However, although building a business through rules alone isn’t enough when principles work better, nothing changes within the realm of quality. A recruiting agency as sophisticated as Burnett’s Staffing works to alleviate this need. In fact, it’s nothing insignificant to take into account that of 93% of recruiters alone view a candidate’s social media profile as a means of determining their hiring process. A facebook or twitter account certainly shouldn’t be the main source in determining what makes a employee essential to the function of a business. Experience is good if not great, but it is still only something that can easily be read on paper during the interview process and with a more formal quality. By looking at a potential employee’s social media profile, a recruiting agency as detailed as Burnett’s Staffing can certainly have a better grasp of who they are hiring in terms of job placement because it’s all in the details.

the benefit of temp services

If you’re a business owner or are in the process of setting up your business, then chances are that your looking to fill your company with more permanently oriented individuals who will work for you in the long term. This is without a doubt the safest option to go with, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a prospect in employing temporary employees. Although Burnett’s Staffing provides permanent opportunities for employment, they also specialize in temp services. You’re probably wondering why having a temps could be good for your business. Well, for starters, it alleviates you of the stress in placing a permanent employee, which can be a very difficult and arduous process, depending on the individual’s needs, as well as the qualities of the position and how they address those needs. Having temps as part of your staff may seem like a simple short term solution when in retrospect, it can still work as a great long-term solution. Business is business, and good business only leads to better business. It all really depends on how well the business is done. In the case of temporary business, many opportunities can arise. Here’s a scenario, you employ Burnett Staffing services, they find you a temp, despite how much you wanted to someone long term, that temp works a certain period of time for you, they do well, your both happy, and even when you leave, you keep their profile on file in the event that they can be placed should the permanent role you wanted to fill doesn’t work out. It also allows for additional business relationships to be established, which only means more expansion for your business, regardless of whether you’re a long-time pro, or a beginner in the habit of getting their feet wet.

in conclusion

If you’re starting a business, then employing a recruitment agency is a great option. Having an agency like Burnett’s Staffing can essential in the growth and expansion of your business.

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