Taking A Closer Look At What The Use of Signs Can Do For Your Business

We see many different signs on a daily basis, living here in the United States. In fact, the average person will see up to 3,000 of them over the course of just one day. These signs can provide everything from information to advertisements, from outdoor pedestal signs to deli signs to school marquee sign boards to billboards. Signs come in all shapes and sizes, but there is no doubt about it that these signs play an important role in our world as we know it – and influence us more than we might think.

Outdoor signs have been studied well here in the United States and have been found to be quite effective. Take the common billboard, for example. The vast majority of us have seen billboards – they are simply that common, typically found along every major road, and even some of the more minor ones as well. And while many billboards will certainly blend into the background, a huge percentage of people (more than 70% of them, to be more exact) will actually pay close attention and take note of the billboards that are eye catching or interesting to the in some way. In addition to this, more than 35% of the adult population of the United States has been found to look at every single billboard that they pass, proving the billboards are a great and effective tool for advertising and marketing.

But the proof doesn’t stop there. Billboards as an advertising tool has been backed up by even more research on the subject. This research has found that for nearly 60% of all adults, looking at billboards informed them of an event that they were interested in attending. And the same percentage of adults found a restaurant that appealed to them – and that they later visited, if not frequented – all thanks to looking at the billboards they passed by.

But remote signage is certainly not the only advertising and marketing strategy when it comes to signs found here in the United States. In fact, the opposite is true, as on site signage like outdoor pedestal signs, display racks, and even just holders for price tags are commonplace in retail locations throughout the country. And the power of on site signage is strong, so strong that it has been found to be equatable with taking out up to 24 advertisements in any given newspaper over the course of just one year – full page advertisements, at that.

But are signs like outdoor pedestal signs and indoor sign stands still effective with the rise of online shopping? Many people are skeptical that this is the case, but it is very much so, as still more than three quarters of all people (around 77% of them, to be more precise) will go to an actual retail location to make their final purchase, even though they might first do research on their computer or smart phone before doing so. And as more than 15% of people who have made an unplanned purchase did so because of on site signage like outdoor pedestal signs or other such floor standing sign holders (or other types of on site signage), there is no doubt that on site signage can make a considerable difference.

On site signage like glass door signs and outdoor pedestal signs and other such display stands have also been found to raise the sales of full priced items, not just of items that are already on sale. In one study conducted by Brigham Young University, it was found that the sales of fully priced items that had not been marked down in any way rose by as much as 20% overall, an impressive amount by just about any standards. In a number of similar studies, similar findings backed up the results of the Brigham Young University study, proving that on site signage such as outdoor sign pedestals and other types of the floor sign holder are incredibly important and effective for making sales.

From outdoor pedestal signs to free standing sign holders to deli meat signs, signs used for various advertising purposes come in all shapes and sizes.

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