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With the right batch of personalized cheques Canada businesses from Vancouver to Montreal could find themselves coming off more professional than ever before. When it comes to buying Canadian cheques, some people may not even know that they have the option to buy from other companies. Today, cheques are the most common “bill of exchange,” and is essentially an order made from one business or person to another to pay money to a third party.

Those interested in ordering cheques may want to make payroll easier. Payroll of course, is the sum of all financial employee records regarding salaries, bonuses, deductions and wages. Others may just want to have something with a personal touch that will make their company seem memorable.

Cheques are very old. The first were used by early Eastern Mediterranean merchants as far back as 1,000 AD. Similar to a modern cheque, they were written documents that instructed a financial institution to pay the holder. The first maker of the personalized cheque was the Commercial Bank of Scotland. Beginning in 1811, a cheque from this bank features the name of the account holder printed vertically on its left hand edge. Those that are interested in placing an order today will find an incredible range of customized features ready and waiting.


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