Simple DIY HVAC Repairs That Will Keep Your System Running Smoothly Throughout The Year

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Whether it’s during the winter or in the summer, your energy bill tends to increase quite a bit during those seasons simply because it is use the most during these seasons. The worse situation to be in during the the scorching hot summer is having to pay a high heating repair bill accompanied with the discomfort of an immensely hot atmosphere in your home. A simple maintenance check and at home can save you a lot of cold and sweaty night as well as an expensive repair bill from your local heating and cooling repair man.

Let’s take a look at take of the most common HVAC issues plaguing the average American home, and how to fix them.

Burning Smell in Your Heater
Heating repair can be quite expensive, especially in the summer when they know you need it. If when you turn on your heater it smells like something is burning that is a tell tale sign that something is wrong and you should think about performing your own heating repair immediately. For common issue such as this you can easily avoid any expensive heating service that might cost you more if you know how to fix it yourself. Firstly turn off and unplug your heating system to avoid any shock. This can be caused by a number of things. The most common reason for something like this is dust getting stuck in the heater and being burned by the high temperature. Open the system and look around for any blockage. Take out and clean the filter for optimum use and that should fix the problem. If the issue persist there might be a problem with the circuits and in that case it’s probably best to contact a professional. But before you pay a professional for a heating repair try these tips and see what happens.

Thermostat Controls Not working Properly
If you are unable to use the controls of your thermostat to turn the the HVAC system on or off, you might need something as simple as a new battery. Surprisingly this is a very common problem that many people seem to cannot avoid avoid thinking that since the controls may not use or need that much energy to use the battery may not need to be replaced that often. This is one of those thing that just goes over everyone’s head. Easy to fix.

Restricted or Low Air Output
Bad air quality is another common issue that tends to go over everyone’s head. Poor air quality might mean that there is a clog in the filter or it might have collected way too much dust since the last time it was cleaned. Most HVAC filters must be changed or replaced every one to three months.There are two things you can do to fix the problem. You can either take out the filter, clean it wipe it down and place it back into the unit, or you can replace the filter completely. It all depends on how worn out your filter is and how much dirt it has collected over the years. Some people find it much easier to just replace the filter with a brand new one completely to avoid the hassle. A worn out filter can get dirtier much faster compromising the air conditioning and heating unit in no time once more. Its up to you.

Leaky Unit
This is one of these common air conditioning repair problems that can cause you a lot of money to fix if it’s not done right away. The cause might be anything from condensation to ice buildup in the copper lines. If the leak is minor than this is really nothing to worry about. All you need is a towel to absorb the excess water. But if the leak leaves a large puddle on the floor the best thing to do is to call a maintenance professional to fix it. Trying to repair an electrical unit when there’s water involved can be dangerous. It’s highly recommended that you get a professional involved. One thing you can do in this situation is unplugging and turning off the unit completely.

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