Shipping Container Solutions How The Steel Crate Is Becoming An Eco-Friendly Business Trend

The next big thing is always just around the corner. All you have to do is keep an open mind.

Solar panels are the next big thing in energy, saving countless businesses and households money while still delivering reliable lighting. Green packaging is the next big thing in marketing, with quite a few companies going out of their way to prioritize paper over plastic and advertise how they’re making the world a cleaner place to live. Booth shipping containers are just one of many big things just waiting to truly take off. Able to be transformed into all sorts of comfortable spaces while still recycling useful materials, you’ve got a world of potential opened up to you when you learn more about the pop up container bar.

Here are five reasons why you’ll be seeing booth shipping containers around a lot more often.

There Are Quite A Few Shipping Containers Around

You’ve likely seen shipping containers around. At a docking area, at a construction site, perhaps downtown where shipping container cafes are starting to take off. They’re an incredibly common resource that are only going to become more widespread as their eco-friendly benefits are being understood. If every shipping container in the world were lined up end to end they would be able to circle the earth twice. In a short? You won’t have to worry about running out!

They Recycle Useful Materials Back Into The Economy

When you want to prioritize an eco-friendly approach you need to know what, exactly, you’re helping when you change brands or products. Each recycled shipping container is able to reuse nearly 3,500 kilograms of steel. Due to their make they’re also able to reduce the need for more temporary materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, brick and plaster. It’s estimated nearly 11 million unused shipping containers around the world could potentially be used for more than just transporting goods.

Shipping Crates Are Great Studios, Offices And Restaurants

Booth shipping containers can be used for just about anything. The shipping container store trend was first thought to have been pioneered by Starbucks back in 2011 when they opened up a quaint 450 square foot shipping container store in Washington. This has taken off in multiple states since, with many businesses turning their shipping containers into cafes, restaurants and bars. Shipping container stores are also known as ‘design 4.0’, able to take between five and 12 weeks off a store’s potential opening timeline.

You Can Enjoy A Product With A Long Lifespan And High Durability

You don’t even have to worry about constantly replacing your old containers with new models. Custom shipping containers are incredibly long-lasting, originally designed to withstand long trips and harsh conditions. A recent study showed durable steel shipping containers to average a 25-year lifespan and require minimal maintenance such as cleaning and the occasional check-up. You have plenty of sizes to choose from, too. Most shipping containers are eight feet wide and nine feet tall, though some come in sizes of 20 and 40 feet.

Modified Shipping Containers Are The Way To Go

With all these benefits, it’s not hard to see why booth shipping containers are taking off so well. They provide businesses with a faster way of getting things done without sacrificing quality and can give customers all sorts of fun, bite-sized options to choose from. Some cities are already ahead of the curve. The Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas spans an impressive 19,000 square feet with a mix of 30 shipping containers and over 40 multifunctional modular cubes, one of the most impressive examples of the shipping container trend to date.

Eco-friendly, long-lasting and highly flexible…that’s music to any business’ ears. Shipping container modifications are very much here to stay.

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