Science Answers Are Largely Available Through Social Networking Sites


Social networks are for more than socializing. In fact, they allow for more sharing of ideas and for brainstorming with colleagues who are located around the world, and they can help to establish real connections among people, particularly with respect to organizing conferences and science events. There are opportunities to share videos, files, links and photos, and people can chat via instant messaging and webinars as well.

Professional social sites in the science field are of particular interest to scientists these days, because they help to both establish and strengthen these connections among professionals in the scientific community. Take getting science answers as an example. Through networking with others online, professionals can get the latest science news, explore careers in science and even get jobs in science research. In short, they receive the science answers they need for every single question they have.

The field is robust too, meaning more science answers are available now through these sites than before. Workers in science and engineering fields jumped from 182,000 in 1950 to more than 5.4 million by 2009, proving the relevance of such networking sites. Engineering, which is defined as the creative application of the principles surrounding science that are utilized to develop systems that maintain and enhance people’s daily lives, is vital for our economy to flourish, and so is science. By combining these two fields into one large spot where professionals can engage socially and professionally, these fields are gaining even more recognition and strength.

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