Ready For Buyer? How to Get Your House Ready To Sell

Selling your house is rarely a walk in the park, just ask business founder Raffi Shirinian. Not only do you have to do a lot of fixing up, but you also have to find and please potential buyers. Ultimately, the whole process can become very overwhelming.

One thing to understand is that the real estate is a lucrative industry. The residential real estate market is worth $29 trillion and the commercial sector is 10 trillion.

While this post can’t help you scout for any prospective buyers, it will show you exactly how to get your house ready to sell. We’ll also include some helpful tips from a notable business founder in real estate on how to get the most from your house sale.

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

1. Research the Local Market

Before you put your house on any local listings, make sure you do some thorough research on the local market. Doing so will give you a rough idea of what price you should sell your house.

There are some great resources online that can help you on this pursuit, including Realtor and Homefinder.

2. Deep Clean Your House

Grimy bathrooms, dusty walls, and foul smells can be a huge turn off for prospective customers in real estate. For this reason, it’s pivotal for you to give your house a thorough deep clean before listing it. You can choose to do it yourself or hire professional cleaners to do it for you.

Ensure you get every room, especially the bathroom, garage, and attic clean. You might need to do this a few times if your house doesn’t sell in time.

3. Fix up the House

Make sure you hire a professional handyman for any repairs and fixes. These fixes could include leaky faucets, dead lights, creaking doors, and faulty locks. Remember, your house is most likely to sell if it’s in tip-top shape.

You can find a professional fixer online or look for one in your locale. You can also do the repairs yourself if you have the necessary skill set.

4. Give Your House a Fresh Paint Job

If you’ve never repainted your house, this is the ideal time to do so. Freshly painting your house will completely change the overall outlook of the house, making it seem newer and more appealing.

Replace those bright colored walls with grey and white shades to make your house look bigger and more welcoming. These colors also allow the buyers to paint over with their preferred colors after purchase.

Again, you can hire professional painters or do the handy work yourself.

5. Stage Your Home

Staging your house is simple and way cheaper nowadays. Plus the internet has tons of resources to help you spruce up your home even on a tight budget. Business founder Raffi Shirinian is an advocate of house staging as an effective advertising technique that beats even listing your house online

Home staging helps attract potential buyers and sell the house faster. Pay special attention to the front door and back yard. Potential buyers are likely to build their opinion of their house based on these areas.

6. Hire a Professional Photographer and List Your House

Get a professional photographer to capture epic photos of the interior and exterior of your house. With beautiful photos, you can then proceed to list your house for sale online. Of course, you’ll have to stand out from other listed houses and real estate developments so your shots must be exceptional.

You can even send the pictures to local ‘we buy houses’ companies. With good pictures, you’ll have them calling you in no time.

As Entrepreneur Raffi Shirinian would say, while pictures are worth a thousand words, in real estate, pictures are worth a million bucks.

About Raffi Shirinian

Business founder Raffi Shirinian founded 3SPACE, a real estate company centered on commercial spaces left vacant during the 2008 market crash, in 2010. Before this, he also established Urban-Blox another real estate enterprise which boasts over $50 million in assets.

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