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Radiography did not come on the scene until 1895. Wilhelm Rontgen was the first person to explain the properties of x rays. In fact, x rays were once referred to as Rontgen rays, after Wilhelm Rontgen. Today, the advancements made in the medical field continue to provide us with better healthcare services. Hospitals, urgent care clinics and all types of physicians have access to radiation protection products online. Radiation protection products consist of lead aprons, lead glasses and certain xray accessories. Radiographic and imaging machines produce a certain amount of radiation. Any equipment that puts off radiation must be checked routinely to make sure equipment is operating at the proper levels.

A PACS workstation consists of Pacs monitors, and a PACS computer. PACS is crucial for breaking down the barriers that traditional imaging equipment is unable to do. In fact, traditional imaging or filming equipment is unable to retrieve, distribute or display the level of intricate details like a PACS workstation. PACS is an acronym for “Picture Archiving and Communication System.” All images on the PACS system are stored conveniently and accessing images on a later date is simplified with a comprehensible database. The medical industry is not the only industry reliant on the imaging technology made available today.

The Chandra x ray Observatory utilizes sophisticated imaging equipment and mirror that are 100 times more sensitive to sources of x rays than any other type of x ray telescope. NASA launched the Chandra x ray Observatory in 1999 and it is still taking images. If you are looking for radiation protection products, be sure to compare prices online. Manufacturers and suppliers of radiation protection products are not all selling the same quality of equipment. Reading reviews and checking out some facts online are helpful for choosing quality radiation protection products.

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