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The machining industry relies on a number of different tools, like tool holders that are specifically designed to be paired with certain inserts. The concept of the tool holder is found in its name because a tool holder is used to hold certain tools in place while executing a machining project. In addition to tool holders, tool presetters are just as valuable and important. There are a lot of machinists in America, with around 939,700 people employed in this industry during 2010. Experienced machinists know they can cut down on the cost of tooling by using a cutting tip that is separate from the tool holder.

Cutting tips are often made of expensive materials because they must withstand a lot of abuse. The tool holder itself can be made from less expensive steel because it’s only used to hold the cutting tool. Tool presetters are essential for making accurate cuts. Accuracy is the number one most important concept in the machining industry, and tool presetters give machinists the ability to meet accuracy standards. Another popular tool used by machinists is the standard ER collet. In fact, the ER collet is the most popular clamping tool used by machinists. Without the ER collet or tool presetters, the machining industry wouldn’t be what it is today.

Jobs that are considered long running require a roughing tool. A roughing tool is specifically designed to remove the bulk of the material that needs to be removed. The reason machinists use roughing tools primarily involves reducing the wear on more expensive cutting or forming tools. If you’re looking for quality tool presetters, the internet is the best research tool to utilize. Business directories, review sites, and forums that are focused on the machining industry, all provide in depth information about where to find quality tool presetters.
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