Provide a Healthy Work Environment When You Hire a Professional Janitorial Service

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Is your office clean and free from clutter? You’re probably aware that paper clutter is often an issue for most businesses. The National Association of Professional Organizations, for example, reported that this is actually the primary problem for most businesses. After paper clutter, germs and the residue from chemical cleaning products can also be a significant issue. This can potentially lead to employees becoming ill, which increases absenteeism.

A recent survey showed that a large percentage of workers believe they’ve become ill while at work. This was attributed to dirty work spaces by 71% of the survey participants. While some of these employees may continue to come to work, others will call in sick. It’s not surprising that germs spread, particularly in close quarters. The survey also showed that one out of every ten people don’t take the time to clean their keyboard. Another 20% indicated that they never cleaned their computer mouse. When offices have staff lounges or kitchens, these, too, can harbor germs when not cleaned properly or regularly.

Even though some people may be more sensitive to chemical cleaning products than others, these types of cleaning solutions are still not considered to be healthy. Just 30% of the 17,000 petrochemicals on the market for home use have been tested to determine their effect on human and environmental health. Since many businesses may use these same cleaning products, it is a cause for concern. In many instances, indoor air pollution levels can be at a higher level than those located outdoors. Data shows that indoor air pollution levels can be as much as 100% higher.

When you use a professional janitorial service on a regular basis, you know that your office or building will be clean. The air quality inside your building will also be healthier when you choose a professional janitorial service that uses eco-friendly cleaning products. There are different types of commercial cleaning services available , which you can discuss in depth. Your office or building may, for example, need an industry-specific cleaning service. Since your office can be cleaned when you and your employees are gone for the day, outsourcing this important service is a convenient option.

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