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Veteran’s Day may only be once a year, but veterans are always in need of care. If you or someone you know is looking to make a charitable donation , be sure to keep our nation’s veterans in mind! Organizations like The Military Order of the Purple Heart and National Federation of the Blind are charity foundations that have been focused on helping our veterans for years. These organizations are always looking for donations to help them to care for those in need. GreenDrop has come alongside both organizations in order to help them provide services for our veterans by converting donated items into cash that is then used for services like health, education, or support programs focused on helping military families.

If you are in search of a place looking for donations, GreenDrop has approximately 30 free-standing locations and mobile trailers that collect 100 tons of donations each week and has raised $2.5 million for participating charities in 2014. GreenDrop prevents approximately 100 tons of used clothes, electronics, and other household goods from being thrown into landfills each week.

Only 15% of Americans donate or recycle their used clothing. Nearly 70 pounds of clothing, textiles, and linens are thrown away each year, but nearly 100% of those textiles and articles of clothing can be recycled regardless of its condition. Instead of adding to the 10.5 million tons of clothing sent to our landfills each year, look for clothing drop off locations near you and donate clothing that you no longer use or need.If you’re wondering when to donate clothes, the time is now. Do you have an article of clothing that you have not worn in 6 months? Let it go!

Organizations are always looking for donations and MOPH will come to your home for donation pick up if you’re unable to bring your charitable donations to a location near you.

National Federation of the Blind, founded in 1940, advocates for the civil rights and equality for the blind. If you know someone who needs help with blindness please go to Both NFB and MOPH work with GreenDrop in order to provide services and support to those that require it. Household donations and clothing donations can be both dropped off or picked up by GreenDot and will be used in a way that helps our nations veterans and the blind.

If you’re contemplating making a donation this year, do not hesitate! Any charitable donation is always appreciated and used to care for those in need.

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