Printer Not Working Right? Talk To An HP Printer Maintenance Professional Instead Of Tossing It Out

Nothing stops your work in its tracks like a printer that isn’t working.

Maybe you’ve been given a sudden influx of new work and your printer isn’t equipped for the volume. Perhaps you have several color orders that aren’t turning out right and will reflect poorly on your business. HP printer maintenance is a reality many businesses today have to deal with. With today’s easy access to tech support, finding the necessary tools to bring your printer back up to speed is simple. Before you replace the printer outright, take a minute and look below.

From a new cartridge to new toner, managed print services are ready to go when you are. Let’s see what you need.

The History Of Printing Technology

It seems like the printer has been around forever. Over the years we’ve been gradually introduced to better versions, ones that can handle higher volumes and others that can provide incredible color. The very first copier was invented in the 1930’s, used primarily by newspaper outlets and gradually extending to personal use. HP printer maintenance is a natural outcome of a society constantly consuming new content. When your printer doesn’t work it will send your entire business into a tailspin.

Dispelling The Myth Surrounding Paper

Many think the advent of digital media has turned paper into an obsolete resource. This is far from the truth. The average office worker today prints over 10,000 pages per year — this adds up to an average cost of $725, which can go even further when you work with incompatible printers. Print and copier costs are generally the third largest office expense behind rent and payroll. How do you make sure you’re using every last dollar to the furthest of its ability? HP printer maintenance done yearly will catch small problems and ensure they stay that way.

Managed Print Services For Maintenance

Managed print services can take a look at your equipment and make sure it’s not costing you more in the long run. Among the printers purchased since 2012 — and later swapped out by their owners — nearly 75% were flat-out abandoned. This is due to them either not working to their expectations or just stopping working altogether. This is an expensive extreme you shouldn’t turn to, not when HP printer maintenance can often pinpoint the issue and reverse it easily. There are even day-to-day tips you can take advantage of.

Useful Tips For Saving Money

Your printer doesn’t have to be costing you an arm and a leg to use. There are methods you can turn to in order to reduce stress on your printer while still getting what you need. Some fonts, for example, are able to help you save ink — Times New Roman takes over 25% less ink than Arial, according to a study by Consumer Reports. The right type of paper can also go a long way. Copy paper is a useful basic for applications and documents, while cardstock should be used for cards, promotion, and catalogs.

When To Call For HP Printer Maintenance

There are more than enough supplies for printers to get you through this bump. That said, you should pay close attention to common warning signs. Printers that keep missing letters might have a cartridge problem, for starters. Washed-out or ‘stained’ color can also be a sign of incompatible paper or faulty ink cartridges. When you’re not sure where all this is coming from, just talking to an HP printer maintenance professional will avoid a lot of trouble.

Get your printer back up to speed. Look into a copier repair company so you can return to business as usual.

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