Pigging a Valve with an Argus Pig Valve!

Choosing the right pig valve is vital to the success of your project. Industry leaders agree that the Argus pig valve is one of the best pig valve options. It is a favorite for pipelines. It may be the perfect solution for your application

Everyone knows that the right valves are the best way to improve safety and enhance operation. A pig valve is an exceptional option to support pig receiving and launching. Not every valve can offer that user-friendly support.

Pigging Made Easy

The right valve will deliver reliable operator support and simplify pigging. Pigging is the cleaning of a pipeline using a device called a pig. Pig is an acronym for Pipeline Intervention Gadget. It is like using a barrel brush on a gun but on a larger scale and done under pressure.

Not every valve is well-suited for pigging. Some valve designs make it impossible to get the pig in. Pig valves like the Argus pig valve are designed specifically with this activity in mind. Other valve types like ball mounted valves and other high-pressure ball valves may not be well-suited for pigging.

An ideal pig valve will have the same circumference and the pipe itself. It will have bi-directional capabilities and be compatible with a wide range of pigs from different manufacturers. They should be offered in a wide range of sizes to meet a wide range of needs.

The Benefits of High-Quality Pig Valves

Choosing the right valve from a trusted manufacturer can improve efficiency, effectiveness, safety and ease of use. It will also reduce environmental risks. It delivers optimal performance and offers cost savings through durability.

Ultimately the right valve for the job is going to be crafted from high-quality materials and go through a rigorous quality assurance check. It is a certified valve under both ISO 9001:2015 and API 6D certifications because it is constructed to the highest standards.

Argus Checks off The List Nicely

There is a reason that the gas and oil industry choose Argus pig valves for their pipelines. They deliver the quality that you can depend on. These valves are engineered with the operator in mind and designed to function flawlessly.

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