Paperless Options for Deliveries

In this video, you will learn about fedex money back guarantee. Here is how you get a refund on a FedEx package.

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Every package is guaranteed to get to you by a set date. You will want to get the tracking history first. Get the tracking history first. You can go online to the FedEx website and track it. Go to UPS Calculate time and transit. YOu can type in the zip codes for the estimated deliveries. It will tell you if it is late or not for a reason. There might have been a customs delay for the emergencies delay. You can call 1-800-Go FedEx. You can go online to the billing center to make a claim too. Most of the time, they will refund you for the shipping. If they do not, it is because there was a specific reason outside of FedEx that your package did not arrive on time. There is a lot to know about late package refunds. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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