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There are obvious benefits of hiring a cleaning company. When you outsource your private school cleaning services, for example, they will usually come in to clean after school is over so there aren’t any interruptions during the school day. Furthermore, a professional cleaning service can also provide green cleaning services so that harsh chemicals aren’t introduced into the school’s environment.

Many children have asthma, which can be triggered by both indoor and outdoor allergens. Having a professional cleaning service can assist with reducing dust and other allergens in classrooms and elsewhere on school grounds.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), up to 80% of infections are spread by human contact as well as through touching germ-ridden surfaces. The CDC also states that on an annual basis, 5%-to-20% of people come down with the flu. Children are often susceptible to catching the flu.

Children’s desks can have up to ten million bacteria on them. Flu viruses also live on hard surfaces, like desks, for up to 48 hours. Having a professional cleaning service can assist with reducing these germs.

Computer labs and stations also harbor germs. There are 21,000 per square inch that can be located on chairs, computer keyboards, and computer mice.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) published a study in 2002. This national study focused on school cleanliness and related issues such as the overall condition of the schools. In 66% of the schools, there was a minimum of one unacceptable condition. These unacceptable conditions included issues with cleanliness, evidence of vandalism, as well as some form of disrepair.

Trash was on the floor in 16% of the schools, according to the 2002 NCES report, and there was overflowing trash on school grounds in 6% of the schools. Other issues reported by the NCES include the following:

    Graffiti: 10%
    Dirty walls and floors: 33%
    Damaged ceilings: 11%

When schools have regular janitorial services to provide a clean environment, students, teachers, and other staff can take pride in their school’s appearance. Furthermore, when a professional cleaning service is used, the school environment will have less allergens and germs that can cause illness, such as asthma, colds, and flus.

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