No Matter How Often a Printed Book is Read, Book Tape Can Help Keep a Book Readable

It is easy to assume that most people today read electronic books rather than print books, leaving behind the need to repair those books as they age. However, it is reported that almost three-quarters of people read at last one book annually, in one format or another. However, a majority of people actually read 12 books per year. These may be electronic or print books, and when attempting to keep print books there is sometimes a need for book tape.

Book Tape: Maintain a Love for The Printed Word

Some places have proven that printed books are still the most popular reading format, and many people hold on to their favorite books for a long time. Some people read the same books over and over again, wearing out the cover and the spine. As the book spine starts to fall apart, it is harder to read the same book, and book tape is often needed for repair to help keep it together. Many of these print books are purchased online, part of the 1.7 billion products that much up to those purchases.

Saving Money Purchasing a Book Online

Many online books, or eBooks, are much more affordable than printed books of the same title. With most electronic books marketed as costing only one or two dollars, those who work with their electronic devices in hand all the time find it easiest to shop for those electronic books. It is also important to remember that those eBooks require a monthly membership of some sort. So, purchasing used books online may require some sort of spine repairs, or purchase of book tape, but that can help you keep those favorite titles that you love so much.

Book Spine Repair Tape Used by Bookstores

Most often the need for book tape to help repair book spines is in a college bookstore. Given the need to re-sell used textbooks, it is incredibly helpful to have the repair of a spine made in order for students to buy all of the books on the store shelves. Many of these are much more popular for students simply because they are more affordable. However, many of these books have been used over and over again, and the spines are already worn out. Therefore, book repair tapes are needed both to fix the book and to provide double layer labels that include the title, ISBN, and other basic information that a new book spine would have.

No matter what, print books remain popular today. Additionally, used books are more popular than new books because of their price. With the number of used books that are sold today, spine tape is helpful to repair the book and keep it together for the reader. It may work as a library supply label or a bookstore label when the proper information can be included. So, book tape is able to help keep the publishing and book sales industry moving along into the electronic age.

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