Marketing Shouldn’t Just Be Expensive How To Get Smart With Your In-Store Displays And Signs

Price tag holders

What’s in a marketing budget? Turns out…probably less than you think.

Not less value, but less money. Marketing doesn’t have to be the most expensive resource possible to make you green, particularly if you have a small store that could simply use a little more foot traffic. Word-of-mouth and a solid first impression still go a long way these days and a great way to ensure your business doesn’t get lost in the shuffle is to connect with the classics. How do you go about doing this? Custom vinyl door decals can catch a customer’s eye, teach them about your store and encourage a few more impulse buys all in one fell swoop.

Before you dive headfirst into the sea of digital marketing and social media trends, boil down to the basics with acrylic display risers, stands and decals.

Did You Know?

There’s nothing like a little marketing research to whet your appetite. Thanks to data provided back in 2014, it’s been found there are up to 30,000 SKUs launched every single year. In fact, the average customer can be exposed to as many as 3,000 advertisements in a single day. That’s billboards, digital banners and promotional articles, just to name a few. How do you stand out amid the ruckus? You embrace the basics and start making the most out of your custom vinyl door decals.

Clear Price Tag Sleeves

No customer wants to feel at a loss when browsing your store. While the occasional question will always be necessary to suss out the better deal, your store should be accommodating and always welcoming to new eyes. A 2011 report unveiled 85% of customers will actually pay more for a better experience, so think about that next time you look into a set of tag sleeves. If they’re not easy to read at a distance or are hard to customize, toss them out and replace them quick!

Custom Vinyl Door Decals

How do you stand out amid the competition? Show off your individuality. Everyone is constantly peering at each other’s homework and trying to take shortcuts to the next big thing, but the fact remains that old-fashioned methods are just as relevant as new ones. Custom vinyl door decals will spice up your store and imbue it with the personality that could be missing from across the street, doubly so if they’re accompanied by brochure display racks or contemporary glass signs and signage.

Custom Retail Displays

Did you know shoppers will make as many as 80% of their purchases in-store? That’s a lot of impulse buys you could be missing out on when you fail to update your acrylic display risers and flyer holders. While staying simple certainly isn’t a bad place to start, you can go the extra mile and customize your retail displays to fit seamlessly into your shop. This can mean changing their color, trying out a new material or adding unique glass door signs to really make each visit pop.

Making The Most Out Of Your Creative Retail Display Ideas

There are only 24 hours in the day. How do you get the most out of your retail displays? Make sure your full priced merchandise is always accompanied by an easy-to-read sign, as it’s all too possible a customer can completely overlook it on their way to the next aisle. Multiple studies provided by the Brigham Young University found merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20% or more. Another study provided by Mass Merchant found over 15% of unplanned purchases were invoked by a sign noticed while browsing.

A marketing budget doesn’t have to be the priciest around…just smart, classic and willing to adapt!

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