Know More About Your Tools Than You Did Before!

Linear bearings

When you work in the industry of material handling tools, or automation equipment, then it is probably well known to you that the cleanest option for food service is to use stainless steel grippers, and that linear bearings keep machinery moving efficiently due to the low friction that they generate. You understand vibration pads, furniture casters, cutting tools, and compression springs while most people have never heard of such tools in their lives.

Still, you can only know so much about the tools of your trade. Check out these three fascinating facts and impress your friends on the assembly line.

1. Drill bushings.

Drill bushings are sometimes called jig bushings. They are used for metalworking, guiding and supporting a cutting tool so that your cuts are precise. Other components to drill bushings might include reamers, countersinks, and sometimes counter bores which help to further position the cutting tool. Amazingly, there are more than 50,000 standard configurations for the drill bushings which are customary sized.

2. Clevis pins.

A clevis pin is a part of a clevis fastener. They are a lot like bolts, except that the clevis pin is threaded only partially, and must use a pin to stay secure. They are often used to attach a control surface or some other accessory to a servo control on model aircraft that will take to the sky!

3. Hydraulic pumps.

Hydraulic pumps are characterized by their cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and their ability to allow for maximum control of input and output. However, did you know that they come in many different types including gear, rotary vane, screw, bent axis, axial piston, radial piston, and peristaltic? Peristaltic comes from the word Peristalsis, which describes the muscle motion in the gastrointestinal tract which moves food through the body.

Who knew that these tools could at all be related to the human body, or used in model aircraft! Also, 5,000 standard configurations for drill bushings!? Amazing. The point is, it is easy to take your tools for granted. The next time you find yourself cursing the breakdown of a hydraulic pump, take some time to consider its rich history. To see more, read this:

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