Keys to Success Only the Top Real Estate Agents Know

In the video “How to Become A Successful Real Estate Agent,” the individual discusses ways to be a successful real estate agent. First find the most successful real estate agent or agency in your town or neighborhood and offer to intern for them for free. You will have to get coffee, run errands, shred paper and offer the opportunity to learn. After you have been an intern awhile, get your real estate license by finding out what is required in your state. Join an agency or brokerage firm and become part of a team as they have the resources and experience to help you learn and succeed.

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Network with friends and family and learn to make cold calls to get leads about buying and selling homes and property. Plan your day for generating leads, spending time advertising, and following through with commitments. Use social media to connect with clients, go to meetings, and network in person every day. Follow through with all the tasks you promise clients, from showing houses to helping them make a sale. Continue to take courses for real estate agents and learn new skills to keep your motivation and success current.

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