Is Your Food-Production Company Experiencing Significant Business Growth?

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When you’re in the factory-level food production business, there are different types of equipment needed to provide a quality intermediary or end product. The type of equipment that your business needs will of course depend on a variety of factors. This includes what is being produced and in what quantities.

Vibratory Screening Basics

The two basic vibratory screening categories are dry screening and wet screening. When either a dry or wet product is screened, it is separated into grades. In some instances, these food items may be processed further. In others, these items may be the final product.

You may be interested to know that high-frequency vibratory screeners are composed of a shaker on a fixed frame. The screen cloth is the only part of these vibratory screeners that is agitated in order to remove small particles. These particles usually have a size range of three millimeters down to a plus-150 mesh.

Tumbling Drum Basics

As with vibratory screeners, tumbling drums are also used for both dry and wet products. When tumbling dry products, the horizontal octagonal barrel is used almost all of the time. These tumblers aren’t used for wet products due to their fluid content.

The standard-sized barrel is 30 inches in diameter by 36 in length. One that is 30 inches in diameter by 42 inches in length is also considered to be a standard-sized barrel. There are, however, a variety of popular barrel dimensions. These include those that are 18 inches to 36 inches in diameter by 18 inches to 42 inches in length.

Barrel speeds also vary for this piece of equipment. The speed will depend on both the size of the barrel as well as what product is going to be be tumbled. Horizontal barrels may operate at speeds that range from 20 rotations per minute to 38 rotations per minute. When dry tumbling, however, the speed is usually maintained at 28 rotations per minute to 32 rotations per minute.

Learn More About the Equipment Your Business May Need

Whether you’re launching your first food-production venture or have been experiencing significant business growth, you want to learn as much as possible about the various types of equipment being used within the industry. If your company is planning to offer new product lines, consulting with a food-industry machine supplier could make a significant difference in the outcome of this venture.

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