Investing In Energy Now Looks Better Than Ever

Nuclear investment

As citizens of the world, we are finding ourselves in a very exciting yet precarious position. One could argue that the greatest need we currently have is sustainable energy. Without it, not only will our way of life be compromised but our very lives themselves. All of the technological breakthroughs and the life-saving inventions that they have brought will all fall by the wayside without quality energy sources. Investing in energy is not something we should do. It is something we must do.

As our reliance on oil continues to grow, other ways of investing in energy are presenting themselves. Solar, wind and nuclear investment opportunities are being explored all around the world. More efficient ways to harness this energy are coming to the forefront of scientific research every day.

Investing in nuclear energy is paying off in many parts of the world, especially right here in America. Right now, there are 99 commercial nuclear reactors in operation in the United States in 61 different power plants. Nuclear supplies 11% of the world’s energy in today’s race for a cleaner, more reliable energy source. That’s more than all of the other energy sources combined in 1960. In the last 50 years, producing energy has become more streamlined, but our desire to remain married to oil has barely changed.

Investing in energy means investing in energy companies that are forward-thinking. Companies that have vision. Nuclear energy investment is not a simple fad. It could be the very thing that keeps us alive. Using up our natural resources is not a matter of if, but when?

Consider the benefits of nuclear energy. When compared with other sources, nuclear energy is cleaner and more powerful. It can generate millions of times more power than fossil fuels like coal. For example, a 40 watt light bulb could be powered by 1kg of coal for roughly four days, while nuclear power could fuel that same bulb for 685 years. It only takes 1kg of natural uranium to yield 20,000 times the amount of energy as the same amount of coal.

Nuclear power has advantages in its form, but nuclear power plants themselves have advantages in their function. Take Indian Point Reactors, for example. This power plant contributes around $30 million dollars in taxes on the state and federal level and spends around $140,000 on the payroll for its near 1,000 employees.

We have enjoyed so many wonderful things as a result of the energy we’ve been able to produce over the years, but those times are changing rapidly. It’s time to begin looking forward into the future. Investing in energy should be one of the top priorities on everyone’s list. We have so many amazing scientists and engineers taking bold steps and waiting to make the move toward more sustainable energy solutions. We’re poised on the edge of something amazing. Let’s keep the lights on so we can see it.

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