Investing in Commercial Camping Property

While many Americans today love to go camping, business owners will be less concerned about pitching a tent and more interested in invest in property. Camping today is a big business, and that goes beyond the sale of camping gear such as tents, hiking boots, and portable stoves. In the business-to-business world, entrepreneurs can invest in property such as campgrounds for sale, choosing to invest in an RV park, and more. A campsite franchise may be developed in an area that may attract many campers, and an existing campground may sold to a new owner who will then invest in property in that area. What is there to know about how Americans like to camp? Knowing that will help an investor make the right sort of campground for their clients.

How Americans Go Camping

Someone who chooses to invest in property for campers is not going camping themselves, but their investment may work better if they know how often, and when and where, Americans are going camping. This is a fairly common activity; nearly six in 10 American households say that someone in their residence has gone camping, and RVIA has estimated that as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts are out there. This includes Americans who simply rent RVs rather than buy them, but even a renter needs fine campgrounds to visit. Many campers want access to WiFi; in fact, WiFi access ranks in the top three most important things modern campers want. Similarly, campers may want spaces for outdoor cooking, since about 67% of campers like to cook outside during their camping trips.

What is more, many campers are setting up their camps near an attraction, as not many people may go camping just for its own sake. There will probably be attractions and activities nearby, such as hills for hiking, mountains for climbing, streams for fishing and kayaking, and more. Other features such as geysers or cave networks may also attract outdoor enthusiasts, and campgrounds which are located near such desirable features may get the most business.

Investing in Property for Campers

An entrepreneur who wants to invest in property for campers may choose an existing camp site that is close to natural features and attractions to get the most business, and they may also take note of nearby cities and towns. Many campers travel under 100 miles to reach their camp sites, so a very remote camp site may get few guests over the course of the year unless something very interesting is nearby. Overall, a smart investment may be a camp site that is within 100 miles of a substantial urban center and near an area of interest such as good hiking trails or hunting grounds or streams.

This may narrow down the sites where an investor may buy or construct a camp site, and they will have some options beyond this. The entrepreneur may visit an existing camp site or a potential one, along with any relevant parties.

For an existing camp site, the potential buyer will consult the current owner and their staff for all relevant information, including revenue, guests, features, and more. A tour of the grounds will show the investor the current state of the campground, and the investor may find ways to repair or replace some hardware or expand the camp site. They may also add more features if they choose, such as more water spigots, WiFi access, a new admin building, or even a small swimming pool. Such features may totally renew a campsite once an investor buys it and hires contractors to install such features. They may advertise this refreshed camp site online and with nearby signs, pointing out the new features and the expanded premises.

Building a new campsite in an existing area may involve hiring even more contractors, who may remove some trees or other greenery to make room. The ground can be flattened and covered in gravel or pavement to form the lots, and metal fire rings and grills can be built at each lot for campers to use. The admin building and storehouse will be set up, and it may have its own small parking lot. A new campground will also need a total advertising campaign, which may include advertising the nearby features that outdoor enthusiasts may like.

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