How To Start Your Own Landscape Installation Company

The first step for landscape installation companies is to develop a mission statement. See this video for an in-depth explanation. This makes it easier for customers to understand the goal of the business and for the business to make future plans with those planned goals in mind. The mission statement should be short but complete, stating what the business will do, who they will help, and what makes them stand out.

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Identifying a niche within landscaping can also help to narrow down the market and get more customers.

The legal structure of the business and its objectives is the next and equally important step. There are many ways to register a business to the government, so all options should be carefully considered. There are six company structures that a business can register as: sole proprietorship, partnership (general or limited), corporations (c-corps or s-corps), and limited liability corporations (LLC). Knowing all the choices, the landscape business should take the goals from their mission statement and work to understand the structure of their business. Knowing how the business will operate, who will run it, and other factors will make it easy to start right.

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