How to Significantly Improve Your Website

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Did you know that Microsoft released its first competitive web browser in 1996? This browser, known as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3, raised its market share from 3-9% in 1996 to 20-30% in 1997, and it paved the way for later versions of Internet Explorer, which is now considered to be the most popular web browser. Search engines are an essential part of web browsing, and nearly five billion searches are performed every month worldwide. As a result, your website must be as responsive and appealing as possible in order to attract more user traffic. It is important to design a creative desktop website and mobile website, as both will help you earn more customers.

1. Desktop website. Research has shown that the typical internet user skims through websites instead of thoroughly reading them, so your website must be as concise as possible. This can be accomplished by creating anchor links to various content on your website, and this content must provide the most essential information as briefly as possible. In addition, adding content-rich videos to your website will give users the opportunity to visually learn about your business. It can be difficult to create a user-friendly website, though, so the best web designers from a web designers company will help you accomplish this.

2. Mobile website. You must also create a mobile website in order to attract more users. This is important because 21% of all eCommerce sales come from mobile web surfing, and there were approximately 242.6 million mobile shoppers in 2012. Your mobile website should be just as concise as your desktop website, so it is important to seek help from professional web design services in order to create a good mobile website.

Since 67% of internet users shop online because a larger selection of options are available, you must create an effective website. Not only do you need a good desktop website, but you also need a creative mobile website, as well. By seeking affordable web design services from a web designers company, your website will get the modern improvement it needs to attract more users. See more.

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