How To Make Your Digital LED Business Signs Work to Your Advantage

Using digital LED business signs to advertise and promote your product lines is indeed a smart option. Most people will be oblivious of your company’s existence if you do not mimic what other business owners have been doing to market and advertise their products effectively.

In a recent study, it was revealed that 35% of residents wouldn’t have discovered a business – or not have noticed at all – if it hadn’t been for its sign. This research result only reiterates the need for your company to use electronic signs if your purpose is to have your marketing advertisement capture the attention of the public and have your message remain in their thoughts. Compared to traditional signs and billboards, full color LED signs have vivid lights and colors that stand out from their surroundings.

Ways To Improve the Efficiency of Your Signage

Of course, it’s extremely vital for you to make sure that your digital signs are not just pragmatic but also suitable and effective. Digital LED business signs should not only easily grab the interest of passersby but must also be informative and intriguing enough so that people will not completely disregard them.

While an attractive design and style can result in people becoming more aware of LED signs, vital data must be presented appropriately. So here are a few tips for maximizing and streamlining your digital LED business signs to help you ensure its effectiveness in attaining the objectives for using business signage.

Regardless of the information you’ll be showcasing in your outdoor LED display, the aforementioned techniques can help you relay your message more effectively:

  • Fancy fonts should, at all costs, be avoided. If you want to increase the amount of time that passersby and drivers will look at your signage, then you need to use a font that’s simple and easy to read. This way, everyone will be able to understand the message you want to put out there.
  • Always strategically incorporate a call-to-action in your LED sign. What it does is it lets the public know in a subtle way what the next step should be after they’ve read the message. For example, coffeeholics will be encouraged to visit your new coffee shop if your promotional sign is beckoning them to do so.
  • Use the ease at which you can modify programmable LED signs to your advantage. You will only stand to benefit if you can program the signage to suit your business. Cafe owners can use the dynamic feature of the sign to display various coffee variants or promotional offers depending on the time of day.
  • Make your message meaningful and as short as possible for the passersby to read them easily. So if your sign has a scrolling feature, you should avoid using it if drivers and passengers at highways or main roads are your target audience.
  • Even the most simple message can have a powerful claim. However, you should always avoid using all caps. Not only is it inappropriate and makes you sound angry, but it’ll also be difficult for passersby to read the message. What you need to do is use proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar throughout your sign.

By following the tips outlined above, it can help you make brief messages that are super effective. Instead of simply catching the people’s attention, you can also convince them to visit your physical shop.

Don’t waste the opportunity to share pertinent information in your signage that will help increase business growth and attract more customers.

  • Displaying your business hours will let your customers know when you’re open.
  • Building buzz around your most popular item will make people more likely to buy from your company.
  • Special offers and sales should always be promoted.

Increase Your Profits With Digital LED Business Signs

Now you understand how critical it is to use signage to boost your sales, especially considering that 85 percent of a business’s customers are working or living within a five-mile radius of the store location. So make sure to use electronic signs for business that have the best features and capabilities to meet your needs. Also, follow the techniques above to help you promote your products effectively and bring in more potential customers and revenue.

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