How To Become a Ice Cube Vendor

Investing in ice cube wholesale distribution can be a savvy way to earn money and run your own business. This article will discuss what it takes to start your ice vending business.

Ice vending is a $4,000,000 industry in the United States. It’s quickly replacing the traditional bagged ice market because of it’s return on investment and benefits to the consumer.

Ice vending machines only require a small initial investment, an electrical supply, and water. The ice is only bagged once the consumer purchases it, ensuring fresh ice cubes that don’t clump together.

Ice vending machines can also be placed outside and there’s no need for your business to be open for customers to purchase ice. It can be operated through a mobile device, allowing you to be away. It also costs the consumer less, pushing you far ahead of your competition.

Additionally, the ice vending machine can have a water dispensing unit since it is connected to a running water supply. This allows you to generate more revenue.

If you’re looking for a flexible way to make money and grow your business, invest in an ice vending unit. The upfront cost will quickly be paid for due to the enormous benefits your machine offers consumers.



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