How Sending Mail Can Improve Your Vet Office’s Business

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You like receiving mail, don’t you? Maybe not bills or advertisements for places you do not frequent, but the other stuff. Letters, magazines, catalogues, cards, and reminder postcards can make a person’s day a tiny bit brighter. It is a sign someone was thinking about you, after all. If you are part of 63% of the population with a pet, even mail from the veterinarian’s office counts. For vet offices looking for a way to improve business, the personal touch could make a big difference.

Commonly, the only thing people leave a veterinarian’s clinic with is a maybe a note from their vet prescription pads, and of course a doggy biscuit. People are used to getting a bill in the mail from their dentist; their bank; why not stand out by sending the unexpected?

As many as 70% of people claim the post is more personal than a text or email (not more so than a phone call though). Another interesting bit of information is that about 39% of adults forget an important piece of information at least once a week. They forget to take the car in to the shop, or who is having a birthday, or how many ‘S’s are in Mississippi. A savvy vet office could easily make these numbers work for them. How?

The very first thing a clinic could do to welcome new clients is to send out veterinary welcome cards after the first visit. A card is more impressive than an email; they willingly payed for postage. But it does not have to be just one card, especially if the idea of sending out mailings is a new one. There would be many long-term patients getting the cold shoulder, having to rely on a hastily scribbled note off a vet prescription pads if that were the case.

It may sound slightly silly, but veterinary holiday cards can be a big hit. People, especially pet owners, delight in animals taking part in the festivities. A simple greeting card during the holidays shows a special attention to details. On the other end of the spectrum is pet sympathy cards for veterinarians, sent to those who have gone through the process of losing a pet. It is the thought that counts.

Cards come across a range, from vet prescription pads to ones that offer a simple greeting or veterinary reminder postcards which are more functional. The point is that people like to receive a real tangible reminder that they are a valued client. The little details can make a difference in the number of times a veterinarian office is recommended.

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