How Much Digging Is Required of an Excavating Contractor Building a House?

The amount of digging required at a site depends on the type of foundation and if you want to include a crawlspace and basement.
The slab foundation will give you multiple options if you are aiming for a basic foundation. An excavator contractor will dig accordingly, considering the local environment and your preference.
A crawlspace will need a minimum of 30 inches of digging to ensure resistance against frost action. Homes built far from the city will need at least 1m of digging.

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If you are building a house in a mountainous region, digging will go 36 to 40 inches deep. Luckily, this does not affect the cost of construction.
Finally, the basement foundation option is more popular now. An excavating contractor will give you a choice between walkouts, garden levels, and full basements. These foundations provide sound systems with extra storage room benefits. Depending on your preference, the digging could take three to four weeks at least.
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