How Kutoba Dealers Take In Equipment

If you are in the farming business and get your farming equipment from a dealer, it might be worth your while to understand how dealers take in their inventory. Such knowledge can be useful when you need to order something from the dealer or when you’re checking out what the dealer has in stock. You can rest assured that everything is being well cared for to ensure whatever you buy does not come with any damage. In this video, you will learn how equipment arrives at Kubota dealers.

Kubota equipment is usually delivered on trucks. They will be contained within metal frames that keep them from getting damaged.

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The frames are slim, allowing for multiple pieces of equipment to take up as little room as possible and make them easier to ship. They can also be easily moved around with forklifts. Additionally, these frames also for the equipment to be stacked. Once the products have arrived at the dealer, then the frames are shipped back to the manufacturing company to be reused. This helps lower costs for you because the manufacturing company doesn’t need to make new shipping containers and the dealer doesn’t need to take care of waste.


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