How is Industrial Glass Made?

If you aren’t familiar with how industrial glass is made, the process can be quite entertaining and interesting. Since the glass manufacturing market size was USD 228.7 billion in 2020, according to Global Market Insights, you may want to learn how industrial glass is made in this growing industry.

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Keep reading to learn about the interesting process of making industrial glass.

Let’s start with what industrial glass is. Industrial glass is a transparent or translucent material that is non-crystaline. Although it appears as a solid, it is not considered a true solid and is classified as a frozen liquid.

Just like manufacturing custom o rings, neoprene o rings, nitrile o rings, and polyurethane o rings, there are multiple steps for manufacturing industrial glass. Typically, industrial glass had three steps.

The first step is the fusion of raw materials. These materials are soda ash, limestone, and sand. They are thoroughly mixed and ground to get a powder called batch. This batch is then mixed with broken glass called cullet which helps in lowering the melting temperature of the raw materials.

To continue learning the steps involved in making industrial glass, watch the video above!


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