How Donating Used Clothes Can Help Charity Organizations

Clothes donations

Each time the season changes, do you look at your closet full of clothes and decide to get rid of al those sweaters or skirts that you no longer wear? How about that old raincoat you’ve had since your college days? Maybe you’re still kind of attached to them and don’t want to throw them out. Luckily, you do have a choice. By donating your old clothes to charity organizations, you’re giving them a new lease on life. At the same time, you’re clearing out your closet, and keeping your old clothes out of the landfills. That’s a pretty good solution.

Closet full of clothes?
If you’re like most Americans, your closet is full of clothes that you never wear. People today buy twice as many clothes as twenty years ago. If that trend merges with a pack rat tendency, you may find it difficult to let go the stuff in your closet. And when you do grit your teeth and get rid of old clothes, they go to the landfills, which are already full to overflowing. In fact, each year Americans throw away 70 pounds of textiles.
But there is a better option. By donating clothes to charity organizations, you’re helping them to fund their programs to help veterans and the environment. And besides, you’re giving someone else a chance to wear the clothes that no longer fit or that you’ve stopped wearing for some reason. And finally, by donating your used clothes, you’re keeping them out of the trash and the landfills.

Who uses old clothes?
Use clothing donations are sold in thrift shops run by charity organizations, and the money raised through the sales funds their programs. These can include programs for veterans and their families and for the environment. If you have been reluctant to part with your old clothes, you will be happy to learn that people go to thrift stores looking for bargains as well as basics like school, work and interview clothes. So you can be sure that your old clothes will find a good home and appreciative new owners.
Thrift shopping is a good way to get quality clothing and household items at low prices. Many people love shopping at thrift stores because of the surprise finds. Very often there are vintage or unique items of clothing or household decor for sale, that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Where to donate your old clothes?
Many charity organizations have set up drop boxes for people who want to donate clothes. Clothing drop off locations are typically in parking lots and community spaces like schools and malls, for easy access. You can just bag up your old clothes and drop them off while running errands, or on the way to and from work.
Many charities will schedule donation pickups from your house, if you have a lot of items. It’s important to keep in mind that you can claim the value of your donations of clothing on your tax forms. If your clothing donations are worth more than $250, you will need to include a recipe from the charity with your tax forms.

Charitable giving is part of the American way of life. In 2014, the total amount of charitable donations was worth $358.38 billion. Used clothing donations can help charity organizations to fund their programs to help people in need, while keeping your surplus clothes out of the trash and landfills. All in all, those are some pretty good reasons to start sorting through your closet.

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