How Cooling Towers Are Made

In order to lower the temperature of the water, air and water are brought into direct contact in a cooling tower, a specialized heat exchanger. A little amount of water evaporates during this process, bringing the temperature of the water flowing through the tower down.

Pipes are used to pumping heated water to the cooling tower from an industrial process or an air conditioner condenser. In order to restrict the flow of water through the cooling tower and expose as much water surface area as possible for maximum air-water interaction, the water is sprayed through nozzles onto banks of material known as “fill.”

Cooling towers are usually attached to boilers systems, industrial water treatment and testing. At times, there might be a need for cooling tower renovation depending on the maintenance works needed for better performance.

Cooling tower systems are also associated with wastewater treatment and services companies. Cooling water treatment cleaning is also important to keep the system in top shape so safety and better performance are also ensured.

Watch this informative video and learn more about cooling towers, water treatment systems, cooling tower renovations, and other related topics.

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