How Are TPO Commercial Roofs Installed?

When it comes to installing TPO roofing, a commercial roofing company follows a specific process to ensure a durable and watertight roof. Here’s an overview of how a roofing company installs TPO:

Preparation: Preparing the roof surface is the first step. The roofing company will inspect the existing roof and make any necessary repairs or modifications.

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They will clean the surface to remove any debris, dirt, or loose materials that could affect the adhesion of the TPO membrane.

Membrane Installation: The TPO membrane is then installed. It comes in large rolls that are unwound and carefully positioned on the roof surface. The roofing contractors will use heat welding techniques to fuse the seams together, creating a continuous and watertight membrane.

Flashing and Edging: Flashing and edging are crucial components of a TPO roofing system. The roofing company will install flashings around roof penetrations, such as vents and pipes, to ensure a watertight seal. They’ll also install edge details along the perimeter of the roof to provide additional protection against water infiltration.

Quality Assurance: Once the TPO membrane is installed, the commercial roofing company will inspect it to ensure the quality of the installation. They will check for gaps, loose seams, or areas requiring additional attention. This step is crucial to ensure the long-term performance and durability of the TPO roof.

By following these steps and utilizing their expertise, a roofing company can efficiently and effectively install TPO roofing systems.

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