How a Roofing Service Can Make Their First Sale

Making a first sale as a roofing service can be extremely challenging. Most customers will want to see the work that roofing services have done in the past. However, if you are on your first job, then you won’t have pictures to show off the work you have done before.

There are two main things that one can do to come up with the first sale that they need as a roofing service. The first thing to think about is how you can show people the experience and licensing that you have obtained over the years.

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The second thing to do is to offer your first customer a major discount on the service that you offer. If you drop the price low enough, then you might be able to win the bid from that first customer and use the job that you do for them as evidence of the work that you are capable of.

It is so important to take on things like this because you want to make sure you are showing your customers the way forward and what you can provide to them. Your very first customer may simply be the lucky one who gets a major discount from you.


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