Here are Three Important Reasons Your Office Needs a Paper Shredder

When you work in an office setting, there are a number of tools and devices that you will need to have. One device that is a must for any office is a commercial paper shredder. Commercial paper shredders, as the name implies, are devices that can completely shred and destroy documents by tearing them into tiny strips that are then disposed into the trash. Most offices will have some type of high capacity paper shredders somewhere in the building, and if your office doesn’t have at least one they should definitely get one. This article will look at several reasons why your office needs to have a secure paper shredder.

  • Prevent Identity Theft: One important reason to have a commercial paper shredder is because shredding documents helps to prevent identity theft. If crucial documents containing personal information are thrown away intact, there is a chance that these documents can be stolen by people looking to commit identity theft. By shredding these documents, the information stays safe and can’t be stolen by anyone in this way.
  • Legally Some Papers Must Be Shredded: Another important reason to have a commercial paper shredder at your office is because, by law, some papers must be shredded and destroyed. For example, any important documents that have a person’s Social Security number, bank account information, and any account passwords, just to name a few examples, must be shredded and destroyed when the time comes to dispose of them.
  • Shredders Can Now Destroy More than Paper: A third important reason to have a commercial paper shredder at your office is because shredding machines can now destroy a lot more than paper. Paper shredders, despite their name, can now also destroy credit cards, CDs, even floppy disks. As these materials can also contain sensitive personal information, it’s vitally important to destroy them completely so no one else can use the information on them.

In conclusion, there are several important reasons to have at least one commercial paper shredder in your office. These reasons include, but are not limited to: preventing identity theft, the fact that legally some papers must be destroyed before being disposed of, and shredders are now capable of destroying much more than papers. These are just a few of the reasons you should have a commercial paper shredder at your office.

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