Have You Ever Looked for Temporary Employment?

When your younger daughter decided to follow in her older sister’s footsteps and attend a southern college that was 12 hours away from your midwestern home, you had a small consolation. At the same time your second daughter left to go down south your older daughter had finished her degree and returned to her home town to complete a one year accelerated nursing program. This 12 month schedule of back to back classes would allow her to take her recently earned Bachelor of Arts in Biology into a second degreee, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This next summer, you thought, would be fun. Both girls would be home for the first time in more than three years. And while your older daughter pursuing a nursing degree was living 30 minutes away downtown, the thought of your family of four living in the same place for three months was exciting.

Then your younger daughter called with some unexpected news.

Taking advantage of a research opportunity that would allow her to graduate with honors, your younger daughter announced that instead of coming home for the summer she would be working in a cell biology lab down south. She would not be home for the three months of summer. You would not have a busy house to look forward to.

After a few days of being sad and processing the news, you realized that you were thankful that your younger daughter loves where she is going to school and is embracing the opportunity to increase her chances of getting into medical school when she completes her undergraduate degree. Your thankfulness, however, quickly turned to concern for yourself. What exactly were you going to do with your time? As a substitute teacher the last 15 years you have been able to adjust your schedule to your family’s needs. For nine months a year you have been able to work as many days as you want, while still have the time off that you need to enjoy your daughters. With no school in the summer, however, you are concerned with how you will fill your days.

Your older daughter will be busy with her preceptorship, following the hours of her assigned nurse for eight weeks; your younger daughter will be busy down south doing research; your husband will be working his regular job. You need to find a way to be productive.

Knowing How to Find a Temp Position Helps Many People Supplement Their Income

With skills in writing and photography, you have often found many ways to spend your time in the past. This summer, however, you know that you need to find a way to not only stay busy, but help contribute to the expenses of having two girls in school at once. By the end of the summer your older daughter will likely be chasing between job offers in a city where nurses are in high demand, but until that time you want to find a way to contribute to her rent and other expenses.

Temporary job placement seems to be the right option. You are hopeful your communication and education skills can land you a job you will enjoy. A summer pining away that you have no girls to mother is not appealing.

Many Americans find themselves in need of information about how to find a temp position. Sometimes just for the summer, sometimes over the holiday when a little cash is nice, the benefits of working with a temp agency are appealing to many. And in a time of record unemployment, there are many companies that are desperate for qualified workers. Currently, more than 3 million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week. These workers provide needed services and help many companies bridge the gap during the busiest of seasons. For instance, During the year 2016 alone, U.S. retailers hired an extra 570,000 people for the holiday season. Knowing how to find a temp position may be unfamiliar to many people, however, so it is important that they carefully check out the available resources. The secret, of course, to knowing how to find a temp position is to work with the most reliable and trusted company that you can find.

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