Five-Year-Old Boy Has Dream Answered by Getting Tour of Cooling Tower

cooling towerIn what might be the most heart-warming story you’ll read about cooling tower structures all year, a young boy from Mirfield, England had a peculiar dream of his answered. According to The Yorkshire Post , Henry Preece was riding with his parents down the M62 roadway when he spotted the enormous “elephant chimneys,” as he called them. He instantly became enamored with the obtrusive cooling tower systems.

“Henry was simply amazed at their size compared to what he had seen from the motorway. All he could say was ‘they’re giant’ over and over again,” his mother, Amy, said.

The towers are 114 meters, or about 374 feet tall, which is giant, but still not even close to the 663-foot cooling tower of Kalisindh Thermal Power Station in Jhalawar, Rajasthan, India.

Instead of just leaving it at that, little Henry decided he wanted to explore the inside of the giant, fascinating structures. So he sent the owner of the towers, Drax Power Station, a letter pleading for the opportunity to make his dreams come true and see inside the mysterious cooling towers.

Henry’s letter read as follows:

My name is Henry. I am five years old. I like the elephant feet chimneys more than chocolate! Please please can I visit them? Love Henry.’

Who could say no to that? Apparently not Drax, who decided to break their own rule of only allowing engineers inside the units, and gave the young Preece boy a guided tour. Officials for the cooling tower company believe this makes Preece the youngest person to ever step foot inside of the North Yorkshire power station, and quite possibly any cooling tower anywhere.

In addition to getting to step inside one of the towers, Preece reportedly had a great time with the interactive models in the visitors center. He also got to see the station’s turbine hall.

While these cooling towers’ size certainly caught the youngsters eyes, not all towers are so substantial. They can vary in size from small roof-top units that are designed to handle water streams of only a few gallons of water per minute, to very large structures, like the ones Preece saw. oficialairmax oficialairmax oficialairmax

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