Fall Arrest Training is Important to Construction Employees

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There are many industries that should engage in safety training for their employees. One of the largest industries is the construction trade. According to ASHA, at least 1,000 construction workers suffer from injury on the job each year. Other statistics point out that in 2001, there were 481,400 non fatal injuries related to construction jobs. In 2009, construction jobs caused more fatal injuries than any other industry.

From 1995 to 1999, there were an average of 362 construction related falls each year, all of which resulted in fatality. This is one of the prime reasons for instigating fall arrest training.

Fall arrest training should provide users with all of the knowledge necessary to ensure their safety. This fall arrest training should include topics such as fall protection basics, protection systems, and system components.

Fall arrest training and certification will teach your employees how to work safely and to prevent falls from heights. They will also learn when to wear fall protection equipment, as well as training on how to use that equipment.

Other subjects covered by fall arrest training is how to properly use a fall protection harness, and it which situations it should be worn. Employees will learn how to connect to anchor points, as well as the physics involved with the harnesses. Employees will also learn how to inspect the harness, as well as how to properly fit the harness.

Fall arrest training should also cover the responsibilities of the supervisor, the employer, as well as the worker. OSHA rules and regulations will also be covered during fall arrest training and courses.

All workers who are working at heights or could be placed in a situation where they will be working off the ground should receive fall arrest training and other construction safety courses. Not only will it prevent injuries and fatalities, it can help protect the employer from potential liability for a fall.

Fall arrest training is available through many different companies. You can find these companies through OSHA resources, as well as through many construction organizations. The investment in fall arrest training will be worth it knowing that you have provided the best safety training for your employees.

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