Do You Have a Start Up Business Idea, but Need a Space to Lease?

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Like many entrepreneurial ideas, your business plan started pretty small. You wanted to use a craft you love to make money so you and a friend decided that you would hire out your t-shirt quilt making skills. When your schedule immediately filled up, you found that you were telling so many people no that you could likely expand. On a weekend brainstorming retreat you decided that what you would really like to do is provide a space where the customers who you were turning down could come in and start the cutting and stabilizing process. This idea caught on quickly as well and now you find yourself talking to office space leasing agents about finding office solutions for your continued growth.
What started as a simple idea that would earn you a little bit of Christmas gift buying money has now exploded into a business that you and your original partner oversee and help train interested parents who want to cut their costs by doing part of the work themselves. Your machines are literally booked from morning to night five days a week. You are even considering hiring a couple more seamstresses who want to work on the weekends. Offices that are furnished with plenty of outlets and circuit breakers have been fairly easy to find by working with office space leasing agents and you have been able to find affordable deals with very little expense for building out the space.
Office Space Leasing Options Are as Varied as the Businesses That Occupy Those Locations
As you travel to and from your next trip to the gym to workout or the grocery store for the week’s shopping list, take time to notice how diverse the businesses are that are in your area. A space that may have seem difficult to rent in the past may now be an office solution that is uniques to a particular kind of exercise format or office sharing group. As the number of entrepreneurial ideas continue to expand to meet the needs of a variety of customers, office space does not really have a typical look any more.
While there still are some typical leased spaces that include offices, desks, and cubicles, many inventive entrepreneurial pioneers simply need an open space that they can use in a variety of ways. As more and more people alternate between home offices and the decision to have access to rent virtual office space, commercial property owners are catering to a new kind of renter.
An open gym with ropes hanging from the ceiling and free weights and dumbbells lining the outside walls, an athletic training center can literally open up over night. With the only challenge being finding adequate parking, landlords are able to quickly transform and rent many spaces without losing many months of profit.
Office Space Leasing Options Often Allow Clients to Share Secretaries and Conference Rooms
Perhaps the reason that more and more unique entrepreneurial ideas are filling the office spaces around the country is that more office space has become available. While almost all workers in the past were required to go into an office for their 40 hours, this is not necessarily the case today. In fact, as many as 65% of more than 1,000 professionals indicate that they allow employees to work remotely. Remote can mean across town or, in some cases, across the country. Employees who allow their staff these virtual office locations are finding that they are more easily able to fill their vacancies.
When these virtual offices all need to come together, of course, that means that a real brick and mortar space is needed. And since many companies that have a majority of their staff working from remote locations, these team meeting or customer visits need to be in a more traditional office setting. People who lease commercial space obviously have to find ways to adjust for these new more flexible office needs.
One trend is for several companies to share a secretary and office and meeting rooms. Clients from out of town can meet in an office with a computer programming and marketing team who normally work from home. Today and tomorrow’s office spaces will need to continue to follow these latest trends.

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