Do You Ever Have Problems Remembering If You Have Taken Your Daily Medications?

What is biotechnology packaging

The pharmaceutical industry has not been getting the best press lately. As the CEO of a pharmaceutical company sat through hours of testimony about the apparent over pricing of a life saving injectable, the entire pharma packaging industry wonders how turn the negative public perception of their industry into something more positive. Turns out, the one product that most Americans use on a daily basis, medical packaging materials, may be the answer. For while the latest news may be about the price spike of one product by one manufacturer, the entire pharmaceutical and medical packaging teams that work on the formulation development of new products have had a positive impact on consumers around the world.
Easy to Understand Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Helps Monitor Expiration Dates and Correct Doses of Medications
Formulation development teams work to accurately compose drug products that contain the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and other inactive ingredients. These formulations are used to serve specific purposes to ensure product performance, stability, and conformance. The success of these packaging systems, in fact, have impacted many other industries including the food and drink industry.
Correct dosage is key to any medical prescription. And while the pharmacist can correctly dispense the prescription, it is equally important that a consumer understand the correct dosage and timing of those medications. Did you know that as many as 48.5% Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the last 30 days? Advanced packaging which helps patients track their daily medications can make the difference between daily prescriptions that can help prevent serious health complications and mistaken and missed doses.
The fact that 75% of medical visits result in some kind of drug therapy indicate the need for accurate and easy to understand pharmaceutical serialization solutions. With the use of blister packs for both tablet and liquid dosages, for example, both doctors and consumers can feel confident that every dose is correctly labeled and identified. The days of a family medicine drawer containing loose pills that are impossible to identify are hopefully a thing of the past in most homes. Everything from the label on a pill bottle providing a written description of a pill as well as a picture of the medicine to detailed explanations on blister packs mean that families can more safely track the medications that come into their homes.
Even over the counter medications have distinguishing markings that can help consumers identify the purpose of an pill.

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