Custom Business Signs Are Everything How Do You Make Sure Yours Isn’t Lost In The Shuffle?

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Signs are everything in our society. In fact, it’s hard to think of a time when they haven’t been.

You see a real estate sign on the way to work that boasts an impressive home with an equally impressive price. You spot a billboard that reminds you of a popular band coming to visit your city. You notice banners, custom display boards and hastily constructed yard sale signs on the way back home. Every single day your world is communicating all sorts of messages to you…and do you listen? Becoming familiar with the basic need of the sign will be the most powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes time to make your own custom sign.

A real estate sign, a construction site sign…they all hold the same basic principles. Get someone’s attention and make them come back around!

A Smart Sign Needs A Smart Design

A sign that’s way too cluttered and visually noisy is no help to anyone. Not a customer that wants a good deal and definitely not a business that needs repeat visitors. A good rule-of-thumb for anyone to follow when designing their real estate sign or banners for sale is to keep to a simple color scheme and single focal point. No more than two or three colors to look sophisticated, irregardless of what you’re trying to sell, and make sure the person’s eye is drawn to one spot on the sign. A recent survey found over 80% of people agreeing that signs can accurately convey the character of a business.

Use Location To Your Advantage

You don’t need to work in real estate to know the value of location. Placing your custom display board somewhere that will get not just a lot of foot traffic, but relevant foot traffic, will give your business the boost it needs. A well-placed sign can expose nearby consumers to your brand as much as 50 to 60 times per day. It’s estimated that over 85% of a company’s customers live within a five-mile radius of the store location, to boot. When you fail to take advantage of this basic fact you miss out on a lot of repeat business.

Don’t Waste Money On Mediocre Marketing Tactics

Some marketing tactics are smarter than others. That’s just the long and short of it! Not only do you need advertising that works, you need advertising that doesn’t drain you of more money than you actually spent setting it up. The value of on-site signage blows many forms of advertising right out of the water, with some studies finding a well-placed sign the equivalent to 24 full-page newspaper advertisements in a year’s time. When coming up with a good custom real estate sign just remember…you’re actually saving money.

Appeal To Both Repeat Customers And New Visitors

Any business worth its salt needs to bring repeat customers back for more and appeal to new visitors. This is done through a combination of smart sign location and marketing tactics that reach out without becoming annoying. A recent study found half of all customers who enter a business did so not because of a commercial or recommendation, but because of a sign they spotted. An additional survey found an impressive 70% of consumers indicating the quality of a business sign reflects the brand’s quality, too. A sign that does its job is the gift that keeps on giving.

Give Your Sign The Best Possible Chance At Success

Time for a refresher to make sure you’re up-to-date on the power a custom banner can have on a business…and the devastating results it can have when you overlook it. Your design should be bright, appealing and simple to keep from becoming yet more background noise. Good location is essential to attracting people to your place of choice (indeed, many might not even find your store without a little help). Lastly, a mixture of smart marketing tactics and old-fashioned methods will ensure you have customers that are always coming back for more.

Signs are everything. Make sure your real estate sign or construction banner does exactly that for your customers.

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