Commerical Immersion Heaters How They Work and What They’re Used For

Immersion heaters are increasingly popular for industrial applications, and a Gaumer Process or other brand of immersion heater are frequently used in manufacturing to keep all kinds of gases, fluids, and chemicals at a consistent temperature

What Is an Immersion Heater

This is a type of electric heater is built inside a cylinder which can contain the material to be heated. Like an electric kettle, the tank coil heater heats from within. An electric resistance heater is installed in the tank and the tank is sealed with a weld. Because the heater terminations are generally protected, immersion heaters are safe and can be installed in different types of environments safely. A Geumer Process heater, for example, can be custom designed for specific project needs.

What Types of Immersion Heaters Are There?

There are several basic designs in use. Screw plug heaters are normally used in the food and drink manufacturing process, and sometimes in labs or when liquids or gases that can explode need to be heated. Circulation heaters, or in-line heaters, have a stainless steel, steel, or titanium sheet material and are used for heating water, lube, or waste oil among other things. Flange heaters have a particularly sturdy immersion element able to withstand corrosion. This is used to heat items that would otherwise easily corrode something like steel, such as detergents, soaps, lubricants, or military chemicals and ammunition compounds.

Where Are Immersion Heaters Used?

Something like a Gaumer Process heater can be used for water, air, fuel, hydrocarbon gases, to boil off gases, for heat transfer fluids, oils, lubricating substances, asphalt, chemicals of various types, and even as freeze protection for a wide variety of fluids.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Immersion Heater?

Immersion heaters are popular in manufacturing because of their safety, speed, and function. Previous heaters tended to be powered by fuels, but the rise in fuel prices in recent decades makes an electric-powered heater a more financially viable option. In addition, immersion heaters do their job without creating residual waste as would be created using a fuel like oil. Immersion heater are also typically fast, safe, and easily adaptable to a wide variety of functions. Finally, they are efficient ways of heating, as all the heat is transferred within the container and none is lost to piping or air circulation.

There are many types of industrial immersion heaters on the market from companies such as Gaumer Process. These and other types of heaters make safe and efficient manufacturing possible!

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