Color Increases Brand Recognition By 80% Or More The Power Of Your Polyester Labels For Business

The type of printer you use for your business says a lot. You don’t want a lackluster result advertising high-quality products, do you?

Polyester labels, just like today’s hard-working small businesses, come in many different varieties. You have custom labels designed for highly specific services. You also have basic label makers to cut back on doing everything by hand and save you manufacturing time. Determining the right label printer for your needs means being honest about what you hope to achieve over the next few years. This will set the foundation for everything to come, from your financial success to the happiness of your client base.

You name it, you’ve got options. Below we’re going to look at everything that makes a printer what it is, from modern technology to the impact of color.

American consumers are more shrewd than they’ve ever been. You can thank the accessibility of the Internet for that. According to a recent survey, around 25% of people almost always look at a products’ sugar content before buying. Another 25% said they paid close attention to serving size and whether or not the product is considered green. Your polyester labels go a lot to strengthen the relationship between your customers and your products.

These custom high gloss labels are so influential they’ve started changing things around. The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy over at Tufts University performed a new study that found food labels cut back on healthy food options by 15%. That’s pretty impressive when you consider just how many options are sitting on store shelves. When more than half of consumers read a product’s label the first time they buy, it’s imperative you get your first impression right. This is where your inkjet label printer comes in.

Label makers are the dream of the modern business. They speed up the manufacturing process while promising you an attractive result that’ll draw the eye of anyone walking by. Over 85% of shoppers’ decisions today are informed by reading a product package while shopping, with many putting a product back on the shelf if it’s uninformative. This may come as a surprise, but color plays a significant part in brand recognition. According to scientists, it can influence a snap decision by as much as 80%.

When you see bold red mixed with white, you likely think of Coke or Campbell’s soup. When you see bright orange and yellow on a box, you likely think of Cheerio’s. Use a color label printer to give your polyester labels a bright, attractive sheen each and every time. Today’s inks come in either dye-based or pigment-based varieties, depending on your needs. If you’re thinking of going for a vibrant and glossy finish, dye is considered the way to go.

Let’s do a little review before you purchase your thermal transfer label or inkjet printer. Investing in your polyester labels means investing in your customers, whether they’re a first-time buyer or a regular coming around for more. Dye-based and pigment-based inks are the most common varieties, with the former ideal for products that need a glossy finish. Labeling machines save you time and money by printing consistently high-quality results. Without strong polyester labels, you run the risk of making your business seem like a middle-of-the-road effort.

Put your best foot forward when crafting your brand in 2020. Invest in high gloss inkjet labels that deliver quality each and every time.

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