Church Marquee Signs Attract New Parishioners

A church marquee sign can be a powerful tool in attracting new members to your church, but it does much more than that. Programmable LED signage allows you to connect with your community and share the message that you want to share. Outdoor church signs are powerful tools that every church should be tapping into.

How Can A Church Marquee Sign Attract New Members?

An outdoor sign for your church is imperative to attract new members. People notice signs and act on what they see. If someone is searching for a new congregation to join and they see your bright signage they are likely to stop in. A recent survey found that about 17% of Best Buy customers stopped in the store simply because they saw the sign. They were not looking for Best Buy, but the sign beckoned them to stop in. If a sign can do that for an electronic store, imagine what it can do for your church.

Letting people know where your church is and providing a short synopsis about what it does via a sign can attract people to your church. The right sign can be a game-changer for attracting new members to your church.

Sharing Your Message To Stay Connected To The Community

Programmable signs are a great way to get your message out to the community. You can send inspirational messages to the community, share information about the church, and more. A sign is a great way to stay connected to the community. Signs are easy to see and they can reach a wide range of audience members.

Today, it seems that everyone is connected online, but not everyone looks online to find information. Many people depend heavily on signs to learn what they need to learn. Having great signage will serve the people that do not necessarily look to online forums to find information about happenings at the church.

There is no reason to limit your reach to only people that use online forums to connect to the church. You can share your inspirational messages with everyone with a high-quality sign.

Learn more about how signs can help you to brand your church, stay connected, and become a community hub for all your community members.

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